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The Lancashire Twister

6th July 2008

All pictures copyright of Pat Regan - not for use without permission

The awesome power of nature recently made itself know when a significant twister developed over the Scarisbrick moss area near Rufford in Lancs.

Please also contact SSGB if you can help to identify the UFO pictured on the end of this page.

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Luckily SSGB's Pat Regan was at hand with a trusty camera when the action developed.

The twister starts to show over the fields -  as seen from a railway bridge in Rufford


With thunder cracking across the moss the twister moves nearer. Note also the strange unidentified shape to the left of the twister. More close up pictures of this disc at the end of this page.


A bit too close for comfort. Pat Regan stated - "It was awesome and when the centre of the spiral approached the wind increased very suddenly. I was with my daughter and she started to cry as it was quite frightening."


The twister turned and started to move away to the North


The twister moved off and was soon dissipated into the main black cloud mass


One young observer who found the whole experience a little unnerving


Twister gone and calm was restored to the Rufford plain.



But what is the shape next to the twister?


Following the upload of this story an eagle-eyed observer asked SSGB what the strange shape was next to the left-hand side of the twister's tail.

Well you tell us - is it a .......

The UFO that was photographed by Pat Regan with the twister has so far remained unidentified


Zoomed in - What is the bizarre disc-shaped object? SSGB would appreciate any feedback from readers on this strange object.

The mind boggles............


All pictures copyright of Pat Regan - not for use without permission


NB. Pat Regan is a mythological author - his latest book is The New Pagan Handbook published by Lear Books.


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 NB. Latest Southport sighting is still also a mystery that the MOD cannot (or will not) identify.


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Here’s a sneak preview of SSGB founder, Pat Regan, on UFO Hunters. 

The full show is to be broadcast soon on the US History Channel with an estimated one million viewers.

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