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North West UFO Research



North West UFO Research (NWUR) is a dedicated UFO website and contact point set up by Southport author, Pat Regan.

Pat was featured in the international press in summer 2008 after inadvertently photographing a UFO during a Lancashire twister storm (see image above). Subsequent to this intriguing event Pat was interviewed by the UFO Hunters TV group from America. The links on this site are included to hopefully foster a better understanding of the UFO phenomena, which at times defies rational explanation. Bypassing authoritarian apathy towards potentially serious air-safety issues, brought fairly to their attention by the public, is also an aim of this particular website.

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99% of sightings may be explained away - it is the other 1% that we are chiefly interested in.


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 No Public consultation but MoD decides to shut its UFO investigation facility


North West UFO Research founder and author Pat Regan interviewed on US Radio by top presenter Royce Holleman

UFO Author Pat Regan interviewed on BBC Radio Cumbria

Airshow 2009 UFOs


Lancashire Twister UFO story finally hits the screens in the USA

Lancs UFO - same thing that trailed an F16?

The Lancashire twister UFO case

Filming for the History Channel with the American UFO Hunters team

The Southport Air Show UFO case

The Ainsdale UFO case

The Skelmersdale UFO case

Orange lights over Cumbria

The Kew UFO case

Southport Town Centre resident sees UFO

MOD apathy - not good enough

Cumbrian UFO mystery continues

Lancashire Evening Post and Pat Regan of NWUR ask: Could water be linked to Lancashire's UFOs?

The Santon UFO sighting

The Ambleside UFO

Walney Island UFO

Maryport UFO

Walkford UFO and new photo analysis over UFO Hunters show

The Workington UFO

The Silloth UFO

UFO's and nuclear power station allegations - fact or fiction? 

The Barrow UFO

Shropshire - similar reports on UFOs to Cumbria etc?

Whitehaven UFO

Cumbria's ORBLs

Whitehaven Rugby Club sighting

Did Cumbrian UFOs warn of impending Lake District Earthquake?  


Coniston ORBL sighting

Meteor Strike or something else?

Haydock UFO sightings

Southport Sighting

Seascale: Orange Balls of Light ( ORBL)  sighting

Walney Island sighting - was it a lantern?

Walney lights reported to Coastguard

Manchester Manager sees UFO at Frodsham

Alvaston Fleet - The Derby UFOs

Fleetwood UFOs

Burscough UFOs

Dublin UFO

Isle of Arran UFO

Blackpool sighting

Morecambe & Lancaster sightings

Halloween 2009: UFOs over RAF Woodvale



Lancs Twister UFO Hunters interview now broadcast on US TV

BBC interview with NWUR Founder, Pat Regan


Checkout the two videos below, from the US show, which include interviews with NWUR Founder, Pat Regan


North West UFO Research invites any reports of sightings of UFOs for possible inclusion in this upgraded website:

Please note that any reports and sightings submitted to NWUR may be used in future to promote research and information updates etc over this subject. 

Please contact Pat Regan: 01704 571920


How to report a UFO sighting



We would also like to thank ex-MOD UFO investigator, Nick Pope, for his assistance

The following Government link gives public access to more information. 



An alternative view of the UFO situation

 This site below is also useful for anyone wishing to report UFO sightings

UK UFO Sightings

 Southport's Dune FM radio have featured the UFO situation several times

 Click here for UFO Hunters sound clip


One of the most stupid questions in the world is:

Do you believe in UFOs?

Why? Well UFO means Unidentified Flying Object. Therefore, if anyone foolishly claims not to believe in unknown flying objects that inadvertently fly then consider the following.

If one is walking down a street and an object, that is unknown, happens to fly past one's field of vision then one has undoubtedly witnessed a UFO. To deny this reality is both very illogical and exceptionally ridiculous.

The next time someone asks if you believe it UFOs; just explain that not to do so would be the height of stupidity.

Pat Regan


 Jason's UFO - or was it just a "fairy?"


 Books by Pat Regan


Stop Press: Pre-release book data:  To be published June 2010



Dirty Politics


The New Pagan Handbook


The Torch and the Spear





Win Dirty Politics




 NB: All images on this website are copyright of Pat Regan and must not be used without permission.