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Unknown lights over Blackpool



            An onlooker called Chris Whiteside saw something strange in the dark night’s sky of 25th July, 2009. Chris was with a group of other witnesses when the UFOs were spotted. 


            They saw seven rapidly moving orange lights in the sky, which moved fast at first then stopped for an estimated 5 minutes before disappearing from sight.


Chris and the other witnesses were in the Bispham part of Blackpool near the Water Tower looking to the east when they saw the unusual lights.

            My first consideration was that these inexplicable lights may have simply been the ubiquitous Chinese lanterns, rushing along with the wind.

However, this notion may seem unlikely as Chris told me: “There was no wind and the sky was very clear.”


             The eyewitnesses saw the first light at about 10.00pm and the last one at around 11pm. Chris added:


“The last one changed from orange to red. There was no noise to say it was a plane and was defiantly not moving or flashing like one”.



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