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Did UFO compromise air safety at Southport Air Show 2008?


Near miss for Red Arrows team with unknown object?




On 7th of September 2008 I, along with several family members, watched the Southport Air Show. This popular seasonal event saw the Red Arrows display team perform their daring stunts.


Some days later, whilst examining my pictures, I noticed an unidentified object which appeared to be flying, or falling, exceedingly close to one of the jets. I mentioned this fact to Nick Pope, the renowned Ufologist who used to work with the Ministry of Defence.


Nick sensibly suggested that this was a potential air safely matter and that I should contact the MOD Press Office.




Note the unidentified dark object seemingly close behind the jet on the left





I did as Nick suggested (10th September 2008) and was told by the MOD assistant that they didn’t really deal with this sort of thing and that it was a strange issue. Although their assistant was courteous I was astonished by the lack of concern for this evident air safety issue. The MOD man suggested for me to inform the RAF press office.


 I rang the RAF yet was greeted with an answer phone; therefore I explained the situation and asked them to call me back.




Potential air collision? Zoomed in closer and the object appears more clearly, near the tail of the left jet


The object in question appears in my photograph as a black crescent surrounded by a paler outline. I have no idea what it was. My first thought was that something may have fallen off the jet, although this seemed unlikely. My concern was for the pilots and crowds of people watching the show. I am however concerned that the MOD did not show more interest in this issue.





What is it? Although resolution suffers at  such a close crop, the unidentified object appears to be a solid crescent-shaped mass surrounded by a paler outline


I am ‘not’ making any claims that this object was extra terrestrial or any type of latter day 'Foo – Fighter' (UFOs that followed planes, seen by many pilots, in WW11). I do feel that when inexplicable entities turn up unexpectedly in our air space we have a duty to report them to the relevant authorities. These authorities must surely investigate such things for our national safety.


This is the second UFO I have witnessed this year, the other being reported on this link.


Various claims have been made in the media as to what these images may or may not be, yet the respective mysteries continue.


Conjecture is not fact!


I also again welcome any expert tests on my images to ascertain authenticity. My last picture, taken in a twister storm, is currently being analysed by the UFO-Hunters team from America, subsequent to their successful UK filming tour



The latest pictures from the Air Show were again taken with my trusty Canon PowerShot 8 megapixals camera.

The one below shows the quality quite nicely.





I shall update this link as and when I gain more information.




I have finally (23rd October 08) received a response from the Ministry of Defence regarding the Red Arrows air safely incident, involving an unidentified flying object which I inadvertently photographed, at the Southport air show on 7th September, 2008. The MOD say that they have been advised by RAFAT that there was no damage sustained, nothing unusual reported by the pilots and no damage was sustained to their aircraft. No unusual circumstances were reported in their engineering logs.


I have written back to the MoD asking for the photographs above to be analysed and for them to check with the RAF if military and civil radar tracked anything abnormal that afternoon in that location.

The mystery continues – what was the object?

Pat Regan



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