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 Save Southport's Greenbelt


Affiliated to North West UFO Research





Waiting for the bulldozer - thanks to man's greed!



Land generally increases by 8-10 times in value with the granting of planning permission. (Source: Alvin Hall, Presenter of BBC’s Investing for All and Wall Street’s most respected investment educator)





Is Southport's dwindling countryside worth saving from the bulldozer;

does anyone 'really' care about the fragile wildlife that dwells therein?


Greenbelt land at Southport is quickly disappearing thanks to multi-million pound deals that leave no room for the native wildlife. Money talks and wildlife either dies or gets the boot!






This is an indefensible crime against nature and the authorities have apparently given the green light to this eco-destruction without a thought for the environment.



What sort of message does this send to our children with regards for caring about the environment?




 The term ‘Green Belt’ used in this campaign is a loose generalisation and certainly not one founded in planning/council-based technical jargon. It is our definite conviction that all native countryside which holds species of wildlife (legally-protected or otherwise) that are resident therein should be granted fortification from the inroads of man.  We have already ruined enough of the local landscape with houses, factories and other developments. The phrase ‘Green Belt’ is a man-made designation which has been sadly distorted by greedy property developers in cahoots with sympathetic councillors, point-scoring politicians, uncaring media editors and other dignitaries since the idiom was first coined. The countryside is the dwelling place of wildlife, which as such needs space to simply survive. The creatures of these places have no appreciation or understanding of what we prefer to call their indigenous dwelling places; but they do know when we choose to destroy their homes in the name of so-called progress! 


 Green belt, Urban green space, Countryside, Beauty spot – call it what you will yet don’t forget the water vole, hedgehog, snipe, shrew, sky lark, curlew, large skipper, marsh orchid, etc will not be impressed as they cannot read our written words but they can read the body language of the bulldozer, cement  mixer and land digger that drives them away and turns the land into a sterile sea of concrete.



 Save Southport’s Green belt now! 




Please click on the link below to sign our printable.... 


Petition against the destruction of Southport's countryside





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Like something out of Victor Meldrew's 'One feet in the grave' TV comedy, amazed residents could be forgiven for exclaiming - 'I don’t bee-lieve it!' Political double standards over eco-concerns exposed in Southport?








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The New Pagan Handbook

by SSGB's Pat Regan




Wind farm developers are increasingly moving to shallow water off the coasts. How long before Southport gets conned into a wind farm?



John Pugh MP - Southport's  new  'Eco-Champion' or a local MP urging his own constituents to support unproven eco-protocols that could cost the planet £76 TRILLION?




Lord Street tree felling?


Lord Street trees - Victims of disease - or Council litigation fears? 




Red Squirrels on the Old Tip?



Land under threat


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Sefton Council


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Do any councillors actually 'care' about the land?




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Who is supporting the destruction of Southport's disappearing countryside?


Latest news -  16th Sept 05


The Council - they must be joking!


Council countryside-destroyers


Council water vole habitat destruction


'Man is not the whole tree of life.  

We are but single leaves within its many related branches. 

Whatever we do to the tree we do to ourselves as we are all interdependent on its entire system for our survival.  

All is connected and all individual facets make up the absolute whole.'




Here's a little quote that may be well shared by local Sefton Council supporters on this side of the pond:


"Don't let anything like trees in the Clearwater National Forest get in the way of providing jobs and fuelling the economy, even if that means cutting down every last tree in the state."

Congresswoman Helen Chenoweth R-ID during her 1994 campaign









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